Letter from the President

I joined the healthcare insurance industry in my early thirties – well after most people start their insurance careers. Had I started in the industry directly out of college, I wonder if I’d be writing this letter now. When one way of doing something is the only way an organization, or even an industry knows,  improving, innovating and adapting becomes very difficult. Context is missing. Diversity of perspective is missing. And mostly, the motivation to change the status quo is missing because there’s no sense of how much better things can get, and little reward for doing so. 

Founding Allegiant Global Partners  is the realization of a dream to own a business, but more than that, it represents a pure opportunity to serve the market in a truly innovative and effective fashion. Our goal is to raise  the quality of global health, welfare and risk consulting to an industry standard because the implications of substandard benefits and risk consulting have never been greater. Healthcare costs continue to explode, unknown effects of US healthcare reform will ripple for years, the cost of foreign medical care is increasing and the risk of global geopolitical, financial and climactic volatility is rising. Alone any of these challenges alone is daunting, let alone all of them combined.

Think back ten years ago. Were these issues as complex and prevalent? Even in “simpler” times I’d argue that most consultants and brokers lacked the engagement and motivation to deliver strong value to their clients. Now think about our insurance ecosystem ten years down the road. Are you seeing creativity, innovation and technology driving your future global insurance solutions?  Hopefully you are, but there’s a pretty good chance you aren’t. 

This is a knowledge-driven business. I aspire to hire only the smartest, most experienced and motivated professionals available. Everyone at AGP must bring unique skills that no other consultancy has. Our vision starts with not accepting the status quo, holding business partners accountable and deploying the right staff that have the highest service standards in the industry.  Our mission is to create a world-class service model that will set a new standard in our industry.  We are 100% committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations and helping you overcome your challenges. 

We are your partners in your journey, wherever it may take you. 



Jay Bride

President – Allegiant Global Partners