I began my career in the insurance industry with CIGNA in 1999.  My first impression was that this was one complex industry.  Maybe it was because I started in one of the most technical functions at an insurance company, the role of an underwriter.  An underwriter has an extremely important role to play with any insurance company, as they are the only authority within the company that has the ability to bind and select risk.  

I excelled at my underwriting career and moved quickly through the ranks by innovating new underwriting methodologies and changing how my underwriting peers selected risk.  Early on, I won an innovation award and some of the tools I created still exist within the CIGNA underwriting community today.  After catching the attention of several senior leaders, I was offered a position at Aetna International to join as their lead underwriter and from there my career in underwriting took off.  I eventually became the Head of Underwriting and Sales Support for a billion dollar business.  I had a solid grasp of my underwriting role and created new opportunities for underwriters to interact with brokers and clients to learn more about the day-to-day issues our international clients had to deal with. I continued to innovate new ways to manage risk and used data to support objectives.  While at Aetna I also won several innovation awards and eventually won the Global Innovator of the year award in 2006. 

It was this innovation and exposure to clients and engagement that led me to truly begin to understand the complexity of our industry that I was struggling to understand so many years before.  I saw the need for a better, stronger and more sophisticated advocate for clients.  I didn’t see many brokers and/or consultants creating innovative solutions, asking the right questions, and pushing the insurance carriers hard enough throughout the process.  They relied on the insurance carrier to do all of the innovation and driving.  This didn’t sit right with me and that is why I decided I needed to shift my focus away from the carrier world and towards clients.  For me, working with clients isn’t only about getting the lowest rates, but also about creating new and different solutions, getting the highest levels of service available and holding everyone involved within the chain at a higher degree of professionalism.  As I evolved within my career and traveled around the world, I understood how difficult it was for international employees to work and live outside of their home country.  Therefore, I feel it is our responsibility as a benefits partner to minimize stress and improve client experiences.

Having established a sincere philosophy on the role a benefits consultant, I moved into the Executive Vice President role at Paul Global Benefits, where I helped clients save millions of dollars in insurance premiums by pushing carriers to be creative and transparent with their underwriting and overall services.  It is this philosophy and practice that makes me the perfect fit to join with Jay Bride and the Allegiant Global Partners team!  Together we strive to make an impact in the industry and improve our clients overall experience by staying focused on doing the right thing and always striving for more! 



Denis Guay

Executive Vice President - Allegiant Global Partners